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Suburban Street Knowledge

out July 24th 2007




Endstation - Suburban Street Knowledge

out July 24th 2007

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So, finally the Album's out!!! You can get it from me for ridicoulously cheap €5


Endstation is a HipHop project Hanseklinger and me started 2001 with freestyle sessions and the love for the culture. It then evolved as we grew older and more conscious of what we are saying. we recorded an album early 2005 featuring artists from Switzerland, Jamaica, Australia, Spain and Israel. I learned how to use proper studio equippment only late in 2004 during my time in zurich, so the album was actually the first stuff I have ever recorded and mixed myself. My man was very busy at the time which left us two and a half days to record 9 of the 15 tracks and me one week to mix them. It came out alright... What we do is lyric based, so listen close (if you know german...)  

      Endstation: Starthilfe!

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  1. Countdown    beat/rap: hanseklinger
  2. Intro     beat: too strong; rap/cuts: jazzmen
  3. Gestatten    beat/rap hanseklinger+jazzmen; cuts:jazzmen
  4. Prioritäten    beat/rap: hanseklinger
  5. Beatbox     beat/cuts: jazzmen
  6. Hobbies     beat/rap: hanseklinger
  7. Overkill    beat/rap: hanseklinger sampling: jazzmen
  8. Fernsehen    beat: hanseklinger; rap: jazzmen
  9. Karneval    beat/rap: hanseklinger
  10. Benutz dein Kopf    beat/cuts: das does; rap: jazzmen
  11. Weißt du?!    beat: dj cateye; raps: hanseklinger+jazzmen; cuts: jazzmen
  12. Fremdwörterlexikon    beat: hanseklinger; raps: hanseklinger+jazzmen
  13. rpm    beat: xcel and dj shadow; vocals: noaam (israel) and jazzmen
  14. kill ya enemies    beat: wicht; rap: nek, messageman, beau, don, jazzmen
  15. kill ya enemies rmx    beat: jazzmen; raps: nek, messageman, beau, don, jazzmen and ursi



Tracks aus der Mikrowelle:                                           

New album will probably be finished early/mid 2007.




Endstation - Überwachungsstaat (Beatbox live at Jam4Taunus06)

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